Tech Cloud ERP is a web based innovative solution with modern tech-savy functionalities of Business Process Management, designed specifically to fit all the types of business verticals. Developed in a web based environment, it includes robust functionalities which are considered as a part of the extended high-end enterprise application.
Tech Cloud ERP is a perfect fit for any kind of any business process. Even, it offers the finest in technology, design, architecture, functionality, features and the ease of use which propose a great user experience.

Why Infinite Creativity Solutions?

  • Improved Visibility
All the departments across an entire business can access and view the same reliable and precise data in real time. So, everybody from the manufacturing group to the production floor to the purchasing and finance sections has complete visibility into designs and plans, production status, quality control, inventory, cost of goods sold, and more. This enables better, smoother coordination and execution of all related processes and procedures.
  • Increased Efficiency
Tech Cloud ERP allows firms to monitor all supply chain activates in a great aspect from beginning till the end – a task that would be nearly not possible or else. So, processes that hinder efficiency and slow down the plan, design, and delivery of goods can be immediately tracked, and remedial act can be quickly taken to ensure best efficiency.
  • On-time Delivery
Enhanced control over machinery stock, more precise demand scheduling, smooth production scheduling, and more useful coordination of distribution channels – all key benefits of manufacturing ERP software systems – enable companies to improve on-time delivery of products, a critical performance metric for today’s manufacturers.
  • Improved Product Quality
Our ERP make it easier for big business to monitor product defect and problems, point out accurately where in the planning or manufacturing process the problem is occurring, and take the necessary steps to make sure products of the utmost quality. This leads to boost sales, customer satisfaction, and profits.
  • Reduced Costs
Reduces costs in many ways. Improved employee efficiency reduces overtime and related labor and payroll expenses, reduces the scrap and re-work that can drain financial resources.
  • Improved Collaboration
Enable firms to share the most important production-related data with not only internal employees, but with external agent such as vendor, suppliers, and distributors. This improves communication and facilitates better coordination of activities among these key business partners.
Features of Infinite Creativity Solutions