From design optimization to risk mitigation, ICS addresses some of the greatest concerns the industry faces by wrongly designed data centers.

  • Challenge

    From design optimization to risk mitigation, ICS addresses some of the greatest concerns the industry faces by wrongly designed data centers

    • One in 500 data centers incurs a severe disaster each year.
    • Downtime costs the average business $210,000 per hour, worldwide
    • Businesses with more than 1,000 employees lose about 2% of their annual revenue to network downtime.
    • Up to half of all system failures can be attributed to environmental or physical failures.
  • ICS Solution

    If you are not regularly making a backup of your computer data including programs, documents, databases and anything else that matters, you are sitting on a time bomb. Making a backup of your files is one of the most important things you can do keep your information and files safe, have a restore point in case of damage or loss and have a reference point in case data integrity is compromised. Tape libraries are aging. Data centers are down due to power failures. Systems crashes and virus dumps make data accessibility weak. Your transactions, documents, financial data, company information and all other data need to be secure and safe. ICS guides and helps you to achieve tension-free data storage.For all these years, we have helped small, medium and large sized companies and start-ups alike to optimize and store, access and protect their data. Integrating tomorrow’s technologies with today’s trusted data protection solutions. ICS delivers the top Data Storage Solutions you need to stay ahead of your data well beyond tomorrow. We combine the best in hardware, software, service and accessories to give you the right solutions for all your needs.

  • Our Services Include
    • Active Archive
    • Backup Solutions
    • Data De-Duplication
    • Data Security
    • Disk Storage
    • Solid State Drives
    • Tape Storage
    • Unified Data Storage
    • Virtualization
    • RAID

Complete Microsoft hosted Exchange Solutions for e-mail, calendaring and unified messaging which helps you work smarter and protect sensitive data.

  • Challenges
    Hosted Exchange issue s can be furious for businesses, According to a survey the following are the major issues faced by the hosted exchange environments

    • Exchange Failure causing an outage
    • DNS problems causing disruptions
    • Blacklist problems causing disruptions
    • Bandwidth problems
    • Backup configuration problems
    • Challenges moving to a redundant exchange environment
    • Staffing challenges in finding someone qualified to work on your Microsoft Exchange system
    • Pending Upgrade from 2003 or 2007 to 2010 or 2013 Microsoft Exchange
  • ICS Solution 
    ICS is your one stop solution for all the issues related to hosted exchange. We guarantee satisfaction and a dedicated transition. Engineers and developers are the foundation of our guarantee. We’ve assembled functional teams dedicated to individual aspects of mail delivery. Within these teams, developers designing new features and fixes work alongside engineers responsible for troubleshooting and keeping the systems running. So if something goes wrong, the people who built the systems are working in sync with the people expected to fix it
  • Our Services Include:
    • Mail Interface
      • 2GB mailboxes, standard
      • 1GB public folder
      • Advanced collaboration and enhanced messaging solutions
      • Enhanced mailbox sharing permissions – Task collaboration / management – Personal / shared / global contacts – Calendar sharing and delegation
      • Schedule meetings and resources
      • Resource booking attendant – Smart scheduling assistant
      • Manage and modify public folders for organizing content
      • Create contacts, distribution groups, calendars, and files with sharing permissions
      • Outlook Anywhere (formerly RPC over HTTP)
      • Operational Efficiency
      • Cached mode (Outlook 2003 or later)
      • Supp